Areas of Application for Different Scenarios
SANY® Rough-terrain Crane features strong lifting capacity, convenient transport, excellent maneuverability and off-road performance. Our Rough Terrain Cranes with lifting capacity ranging between 30t - 120t ensure maximum efficiency and adaptability even at the toughest landscapes. They're well-adapted to various working scenarios, including construction, petrochemical, mining, heavy-lift assembly, and so on.
Oil and Gas
Strong and Reliable Boom
The U-shape boom is designed with increased capacity, enhanced stability, and decreased weight. Max. boom length plus jib can reach 67m. The maximum lifting torque is up to 3658KN.m, featuring excellent lifting. The utilization of a double-cylinder wire rope telescoping mechanism provides higher efficiency and reliability.
Compact and Flexible Carrier
Inline six-cylinder diesel engine with a maximum power of 242kw/2100r/min. Imported axle, efficient and reliable. 4 steering modes while all four wheels are configured with disc brake, which greatly enhances safety and stability. Be capable of maneuvering into and working in confined lifting spaces.
Stable and Reliable Structural Parts
A double-wall board box-type turntable increases rigidity significantly. The large outrigger span effectively enhances the stability of the crane.
Efficiency at Work
Accurate Electro-hydraulic System
The configuration of the load-sensitive variable piston pump and electronic proportional control valve adjusts pump displacement automatically, ensuring stable and accurate control of single movement and combined movement and reducing energy loss significantly.
Control System
Electrical control system with imported joystick and BUS connection provides excellent maneuverability and efficiency. It is easy to maintain and troubleshoot.
Folding Jib
With a jib extending cylinder, the installation of the jib is easy and convenient. The folding lattice jib can be offset at 0°, 15°, 30° to enable the crane to carry out jobs under different load conditions and improve efficiency.
Two Winches with Cable Follower
Main winch and auxiliary winch with powerful line pull operate at high speeds, serving to enhance work efficiency.
All-round Safety System
The main and auxiliary winches are equipped with a 3-wrap protector and A2B system to prevent over hoist and tipping. With comprehensive logic and interlock control and automatic cutting off of dangerous motion, safe and reliable operation is realized.
H-type structure, 4-point support. Vertical jack cylinder equipped with bi-directional holding valve to ensure safety. Outrigger span: 6.7m x 6.5m (longitudinal x traverse)
Operator's Cab
The new design of the windshield ensures safety and comfortable operation. Full-vision operator’s cab with a wider interior room. Smart load moment indicator system to ensure the working safety, accurate and smooth operation.
Convenient Operation
Smart Control and Advanced Display
The 10.1" LMI display has the function of screen mirroring with a smartphone and connecting to the camera to monitor the operation. Remote controller enables remote operation and easy observation.
Tiltable Cab
The cab can be titled in degrees from 0° to 20° during operation for more comfortable and safer control of the lift. It enables the operator to clearly see where the load is in relation to the crane and also the working environment around them.
Excellent and Worry Free
Multiple Safety Protection Technologies
Wider Vision
Highly Protective Cab
High Stability
Multiple Fuel Saving Technologies
Easy Management and Maintenance
Carefree Service
Our service network covers more than 200 countries. The ECC enterprise management center, the first in the industry, realizes industrialization through digitization.
A Walk Around Tour of SANY® Rough Terrain Cranes
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